I am Rikimaru; I am Shadow

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Hello, Welcome!


Hello, and welcome to my Blog!

Sometime in the year 2013, I finally decided to put myself out here, in one huge mix of prose, poetry, commentaries and several other pieces of writing that defy any existing human classification.

I admit that I may not be the most consistent writer, and even though my mind is constantly creating words that I really should put on paper, only a few make it here; eventually.

I like to write crime fiction, as well as, dabble in other things that delight my mind. You can find out more about me here.

ALL the Blog Posts are ready for you to browse through as much as you like here. You can also use the sidebar  on the right to search through my archives.

I really do hope you find something to tingle your mind, lift your spirit and make you ponder about all that is precious to you.


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