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It happens… shit happens they say.

Get used to it, expect it, prepare for it and you should be fine. Life offers no guarantees, in fact the only guarantee it can offer is that you will die! Okay, I’m sorry about that, that’s too grim for a good morning right?

So, let me break it down:

Life is like a TV set; you can watch it all night in full HD and enjoy the best of accelerated angle shots while you cheer the protagonist until the very end. You go to bed for a few hours, turn on the TV the next day, and it just won’t work! Now how insane is that? But as the French say, C’est La vie* right?

Truth be told, no one wants to be stressed out or disturbed. We all want to enjoy this calm, serene, predictable situation that is our lives and no matter how much we know about it, have talked about it and heard about it, none of us is ever prepared for change and I’m not talking about winning the lottery. I’m referring to change that sets your teeth on edge even though you did not eat any sour fruits. The type of change that upsets the apple cart and sometimes bites the fingers that fed it.

But the real issue isn’t why change happens, or what kind of change it is or who caused it (*winks* at my African People) because after all is said and done, the change will occur, whether by commission or omission or just because THE justiciable being up there wants to set the order of things or whatever else you want to believe.

I think I would rather focus my energy on fighting than moaning, on progress than questions. Who moved my cheese? I really don’t care, I’m just going to get me some new cheese.

So back to the real issue (I was already getting excited up there)… why don’t we expect and welcome change? I mean it’s all around us everyday, every time – change, change, change and I’m still not talking about winning the lottery.

You know my father would say: how would you feel if you came home from work and met your house in perfect state, your 7 year old twin boys and their 5 year old ‘copy-cat’ sister all properly sitting on the sofa watching TV, legs perfectly crossed, no toys or books littering the floor, remote controls on the center table in arranged formation and then they welcome you in a gentle chorus “welcome daddy and mummy”? What would be you’re your first thought? Exactly! ‘Are the kids alright’?

Yet every parent screams and threatens their young children alike; ‘stop jumping around’, ‘pick up your toys’, ‘go and watch TV’, ‘stop making noise’… and when the kids do just that, the parents in turn panic.

So we expect change, we prepare for it , we know it will come… that sounds defeatist yeah? Not really. You see being expectant is a whole lot different from acceptance. I mean, a boxer expects blows targeted at him, he prepares for it, anticipates it, but is not planning on accepting it. Of course he is very well aware that he can never anticipate all the blows and eventually a couple will find their targets on his face, but he has a counter measure for that; he responds with his own blows. Now that’s what change is all about, blow for blow, when shit happens, pack it up and bag it ’cause ‘shit business is serious business’.

Think about it, would you go to the cinemas, to watch a movie where shit doesn’t happen? Where everyone is happy, the protagonist and antagonist live happily ever after from the beginning of the movie till the end? C’mon, that’s a crappy movie; in fact, that’s no movie at all, its an Ad and trust me, they are bunch of lies.

The quality of life and its beauty thereof is adorned by our challenges and struggles and triumphs and victories, we all have to pitch in to make it worth living.

I remember back in University, the press put up a photo reel of a bunch of ‘hot’ ladies sleeping in a bus in various humorous positions and one of my friends was upset. I asked her to tell me honestly if should wouldn’t have thought it funny had she not been on the reel and she admitted she would have laughed too. At the end, we all contribute our quota to what makes the world go round.

So yes, at various times in our lives we have felt dejected, sad, forsaken, left alone, and we have wondered aloud, ‘WHY ME’?

Well, if not you, then who?

People always say motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily

– Zik Ziglar 

*C’est la vie – This is life.

4 comments on “LAMA SABACHTHANI

  1. Jimoh Adenike
    August 20, 2013

    Perfect timing! Y cry over spilled milk uhn?! Thanks


  2. Oyeronke
    August 21, 2013

    Truly shit happens…. this piece has been helpful. I am gonna keep this handy and read anytime i need encouragement and motivation to get going.


    • bimbety
      October 8, 2013

      I remember u once asked me this question #if not you then who? February ’09.hmmm……


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