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Failure’s attempt at Ode

Valid values versus varnished vice

varied vast vacuumed vents

Victorious victim vanquished vase

Very vexed valiant vengeance.


Come to me, oh ye that thirst

Starry bleary weary eyes

Find thee rest for thy soul first

Buy my lies and shed thy cries.


Storied men kneel at my bequest

Valiant hearts my mercy request.

Who is he that boast so loud?

Scoffs and struts and huffs so proud?


I am a killer of dreams

Nay a monster in life’s streams

Leviathan of desires in case of glass

The rods of iron, the bars of brass.


Fear me and go no further

The veil before thee a shelter

Try not, oh drink not thy freedom

I, thy greatest mirage, have won.

4 comments on “Failure’s attempt at Ode

  1. Jimoh Adenike
    September 4, 2013

    I so love the flow. But I can’t wrap my head around the message. I thought ‘verses’ 2 and 3 was talking about Jesus and then the last 2 verses murdered my initial understanding. Do u think u can explain pls?


    • Rikimaru Tenchu
      September 4, 2013

      Hi Nike,

      well the poem is a boastful taunt by ‘FAILURE’ to all those (especially me) who have refused to try again because they have failed so much.

      You are right about the 2nd and 3rd verses, they are a play on His words (who wouldn’t want to be like Jesus? right?). Isn’t that what every lie is? a falsification of the truth.

      The real question that the poem asks is this: will you allow failure to continue to mock you?


  2. Jimoh Adenike
    September 4, 2013

    Oh! Hmn…… Thanks. You are good! Sure its cliched now buh I just have to say.


  3. Rikimaru Tenchu
    September 4, 2013

    LOOOL thanks Nike… always encouraging to hear it x_x


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