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I am not sure if any of you remember a story contained in one of the old Primary School English Comprehension Texts, about a flute player who framed his own death, in conjunction with his wife, so as test his popularity amongst his teeming fans in the village. That was not my intention with the delays in uploading new posts on this blog, particularly the second part of “The Adventures of Koiki Fadiga – Chasing Talatu”.

Let me add that I attended a public primary school so its understandable if you did not come across this story.

I, like every one of you, was very eager to know what happened to Talatu; Where was she hiding? Was this the most criminal heartbreak ever? Would Inspector Koiki Fadiga recover?

Well I am glad to say we will soon find out. Unfortunately, this story (one of the most tortuously elusive stories I have ever written) has become such a hydra in my hands that I have ended up with multiple endings and I am yet to decide which ending is most preferable. Yes, you guessed right it doesn’t end today, but I can promise that it will end very soon.

I was away for a while because I do not pay the piper. I am the piper and like all pipers, I play to the request of my wad-wielding master, and for my absence I apologize.

In other news, Canada’s Alice Munro, ‘master’ of short stories, wins Nobel Prize in literature! Well, do you see what I see? I was silently upset that they crowned her “Master” when she could easily be “Mistress”, leaving the vacant title for me to occupy in very short notice. Lofty dreams I tell you.

Finally, this surreptitious romantic is in Love – with a Nobel Prize.





2 comments on “PAYING THE PIPER

    October 11, 2013

    Nice one Riki


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