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I’m a Beast, I’m a Monster; a Legend, I’m a Rockstar!

…mafioso flow so loco , so call me a monster!

I love rap music still. In recent times though, I have not had the time to keep up with the trends. I do not think it would matter, even if I had the time. I am not into trends, except when it comes to technology. I like what I like and when I find something I like, it remains evergreen.

Anyway back to rap music.

One song I listened to over and over was the ‘Overkilling’ remix by Genie and the Choc Boys (yes I know who they are) :). When MI kicked in his lines for the final rap, it felt like Heaven and I lapped every part of it; I literally crammed every word.

My sister was not impressed, though, and during one long road trip, I watched from the corner of my eye as she turned up her nose at me as I called myself a beast and a monster. She continuously shook her head at my satanic pronouncements upon my life. I could imagine her thoughts as she sat there quietly wondering at what point I lost my spirituality.

I was rather amused as I pondered about it, driving through the quiet expressway, leading from Ibadan to Akure. She reminded me of so many good Christian folks who guarded their hearts jealously  for it contained the issues of life. I respect that.

But what was wrong with the rap?

Suppose for instance I replaced the words to read like this: ‘I’m a lion, I’m an eagle; a legend. I’m a rockstar’ what would she think? What would you think? I see, you are now amused!

The Bible is full of references to animals and beasts (at least a lion is no domestic pet, or say, the unicorn) and their features which we have all come to accept and confess into our lives. We all want to be lifted up to the mountain tops where eagles fly. I respect that.

It was a long ride but I did not bother to have this discussion with my sister. I have had countless discussions like this in the past and I was almost certain she would accept the lions, eagles and doves, even the unicorn, but never the beast or monster.

Sometimes we miss the littlest things in life because we fail to zoom out.



One comment on “I’m a Beast, I’m a Monster; a Legend, I’m a Rockstar!

  1. drasaq01
    January 26, 2017

    that line is on steady replay in my head. everyday. it is my work-out line. it is my pep-up-before-work line. that line made the song, for me. as to our(and those around us) tinted worldviews, it is what it is. to each his/her own.


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